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Buffet selections

Please have a look at our buffet selection offers! This possibility has been created primarily for corporate clients; therefore, we are only able to provide this service for groups of 20 or more people. We trust that you and your colleagues will be pleased with our selections.

For the main courses of each event Master Chef, Norbert Makk prepares an individually tailored buffet menu, one that will satisfy all requirements.


8 500 HUF/person

  • Hungarian kettle Goulash with nipped gnocchi
  • Creamy tarragon potato soup
  • Beef stew with shepherd’s egg barley
  • Pullet roll with Letcho in paprika sauce served with butter dumplings
  • Pork loin stuffed with Mangalitsa bacon and spicy ewe cheese spread with served with potato casserole
  • Vegetable cannelloni
  • Apple pie with cinnamon sauce Salad bar
  • Fresh fruit


8 500 HUF/person

  • Potato soup with sour cream and Mangalitsa sausage
  • Pork ragout soup
  • Veal ragout Esterhazy style served with bread dumplings
  • Chicken breast with Mozzarella and tomato served with vegetable rice
  • marinated in basil yoghurt with vegetable rice
  • Stuffed knuckle a la Boulangere
  • Spinach ravioli in garlic sauce
  • Sweetened curd cube with pineapple
  • Salad bar
  • Fresh fruit


8 500 HUF/person

  • Alföldi chicken Goulash with nipped gnocchi
  • Cream of chickpea soup
  • Ginger and honey roasted turkey with curried basmati Stuffed thin flank of pork with mashed potatoes and Bavarian braised cabbage
  • Turkey ragout with curry served with saffron-raisin rice
  • Crispy pork belly with onion mashed potatoes
  • Breaded fried sea fish fillet with mayonnaise potato salad and rice with corn
  • Sponge cake Szekszárd style
  • Salad bar
  • Fresh fruit


8 500 HUF/person

  • Bean soup with knuckle of pork and nipped gnocchi
  • Chicken broth
  • Grilled chicken thigh fillet on bed of grilled vegetables
  • Crispy duck thigh with braised cabbage and mashed potatoes with chive
  • Stuffed pork shoulder with letcho potatoes
  • Grilled fillet of sea fish in citrus sauce with rice
  • Fruit tart
  • Salad bar
  • Fresh fruit


8 500 HUF/person

  • Cold raspberry cream soup with toasted almonds
  • Nyírség dumpling soup
  • Hungarian paprika veal stew with buttered small dumplings
  • Roast pork shoulder with seasoned steak potatoes
  • Chicken breast Parisian style with mashed potatoes
  • Breaded-fried fillet of carp and rice with corn
  • Blueberry pie
  • Salad bar
  • Fresh fruit


10 800 HUF/person

  • Duck liver pâté
  • Essence of quail with vegetables
  • Creamy flat mushroom soup
  • Boar stew with red wine served with boiled potato
  • Crispy roast piglet with potato casserole
  • Pullet breast Gyenei style with rice
  • Roast salmon on bed of grilled vegetables with Hollander sauce
  • Ghanaian chocolate cake
  • Créme brulée
  • Salad bar
  • Fresh fruit


9 800 HUF/person

  • Vitello tonnato
  • Salmon Tartare in spicy tartelettes
  • Cold rosé duck breast
  • Stuffed thin flank of pork
  • Spicy meatballs
  • Pullet rolls with dried fruit
  • Mediterranean pasta salad
  • Bugaci salad
  • Marinated vegetables
  • Fresh salad

Beverage packages

BEVERAGE PACKAGE The service includes the following beverages Price for 1 person Unlimited beverage consumption for the duration of the event. (Max. 12 hours) Price for 1 person 4-hour unlimited beverage consumption.
Alcoholic beverages Heineken draft beer
Bodri Palinkas,
Bodri red wine (bottled),
Bodri white wine (bottled, )
Bodri rosé (bottled)
9 500 HUF/person 6 200 HUF/person
Alcohol-free beverages Szentkirályi non-sparkling mineral water
Homemade Bodri Soda-water
Coca-Cola 0,25l
Coca-Cola Zero 0,25l
Orange, lemon, tonic water, ginger ale 0,25l
Orange juice 100%
Apple juice 100%
Peach nectar 50%
Optimus coffee, cappuccino
5 400 HUF/person 3 800 HUF/person

We only offer buffet menu services for events with more than 20 participants.

Child concession: up to 5 years of age Free, 6-12 years 50% off the original price.

For any spirits brought to the premises, we charge a corkage fee of 4 500 HUF/bottle.
Our prices include VAT.

Enquires: vendeglatas@bodribor.hu or + 36 74 67 67 00

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